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mobile era
Mobile Era

Mobile is the No. 1 communication tool for your customers

Your customers are on mobile, why should you? Singapore have the No.1 smartphone adoption rate in the world, at a whopping 85% in 2014. Those aged 25-39 years had the highest levels of smartphone ownership at 92%, ownership levels were relatively consistent across age brackets. Those aged 55 and above were not far behind at 83% smartphone ownership.

marketing campaign
Free marketing expert

Your own marketing Campaigns

Tailor-made marketing campaigns will help you to attract new customers and retain the existing ones, so you can grow your business faster. It is just like keeping a marketing team for your own business with very low cost.

Cover all mobile users

Three Mobile apps in one package

Our package includes 3 mobile apps, one native app for iOS, one for Android, and one HTML5 app for other mobile OS. This will cover all the smart phone users in Singapore. HTML5 app also can be used as Mobile website which will help your potential customers to check your business through their mobile phones even they do not install your apps.

Pricing Plans



Setup: FREE
Hosting: FREE 3 month

Our package is well suited for the established business to retain customers and increase revenue. If your business meet ANY condition below
  •   Having been running for more than 3 years
  •   Having several outlets
  •   Using groupon-alike deal to promote your business



Setup: $99
Hosting: $88/month

  • Essential feature list
  • Essential setup
  • Professional design
  • Standard marketing pack
  • Monthly statistic report
  • Monthly app update
  • Monthly Consulting and support



Setup: $1999
Hosting: $188/month

  • Complete feature list
  • Customized setup
  • Senior designer design
  • Customized marketing pack
  • Weekly report
  • Weekly update
  • Unlimited consulting and support